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Karachi’s Red Line BRT Construction is Making Life Miserable for Commuters

The Red Line Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) project in Karachi and two water hydrants on University Road have worsened rush-hour traffic.

According to a report from The Express Tribune, University Road has two water hydrants that water tankers use to supply water across the city. Thus, the educational institutes, numerous tankers waiting for water, and BRT construction are causing daily traffic jams.

Dr. Asim Bashir Khan of Gulshan-e-Iqbal told the scribe that the city’s traffic police lack planning. He said:

The international standard is that an alternative route is provided before a project starts but in Karachi they have started digging up the entire route without any warning.

Dr. Khan says the u-turns are technically unsuitable and slow traffic even more. He added:

Since no project is ever completed on time, we are not even sure how long we will have to put up with this.

The media outlet’s site survey found that one lane on both sides of the road has been dug up for the Red Line BRT project from Malir Halt to Numaish, causing traffic bottlenecks.

Regional planner Dr. Syed Nawaz ul Huda stated that the government should limit access to University Road hydrants during construction to reduce traffic. He also suggested moving the bi-weekly vegetable market traders to reduce traffic on the main road.

Ahmad Nawaz, DIG Traffic, said that if water tankers are parked on University Road, the traffic police will take action. He added:

In principle, the Water Board should make such arrangements that citizens get water through taps instead of tankers. This will reduce traffic jams, accidents, and road damage.

Pir Sajjad, the Project Director for Red Line BRT, told the media that the project would be completed in August 2024.