Suzuki’s Vitara SUV Officially Launched in Pakistan, Starts at Rs. 3.5 Million

Pakistan’s auto-industry has seen a massive shift in the year 2016. The new auto-policy has forced every manufacturer to take drastic steps, in order to remain competitive in the market.

Given the fierce competition, Pak Suzuki Motors has finally unveiled its new SUV in Pakistan.

As announced by ProPakistani beforehand, Suzuki Vitara has officially been launched in Pakistan. Suzuki held a ceremony to celebrate the launch.

Speaking at the start of the event, Mr. Azam Mirza, General Manager Marketing Pak-Suzuki said:

Today’s star is the all new Suzuki Vitara. It’s 1.6 litre engine gives strong performance on city roads as well as off-roads.

Mr. Azam Mirza presenting at the ceremony last night

After a long wait, two Suzuki Vitara’s were presented onto the stage, one blue and red colored.

The moment when Suzuki Vitara was unveiled

It was also announced that Suzuki will be releasing two variants of the car, the GL+ and GLX. Here are their prices:

  1. GL+  – Rs. 3.490 million
  2. GLX  – Rs. 3.799 million

Not only the event attracted all the auto-lovers but also a handful of celebrities, including Fawad Khan. The Pakistani actor became the first owner of Suzuki Vitara. He is also the brand ambassador of the new Suzuki Vitara.

Fawad Khan mentioning Suzuki Khyber was his first ever car

With the entry of Celerio and now Vitara, the Pakistani automobile space is expected to see interesting developments indeed. It is hoped that automakers bring down their car prices down and the consumers benefit from the competition and quality cars coming their way.

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  • Come on Suzuki, that machine doesnt worth more that 2 to 2.5 million .. Dont you know there are already some very good machines present such as.Honda vezel/ HRV/ Audi’s SUV/ Mercedes’x SUV

  • We need better cars for the average person, Vitara and Celerio are good but these are high priced. There should be an economical replacements for Mehran.

    All the new entrants in the market are eyeing customers with large pockets, nothing to offer in below 100K category

    • Bhai 1 lac ka kya milta hai? 125 bhi nahin milti. 100k ki to aaj kal ek achi khyber ya ifx nahin milti!

  • Glad to see those insanely high prices. Hope that the newly launched Vitara & Celerio will prove to be the last nails in the coffin of Pak-Suzuki. Anxious to see you as history.

    Gudluck Paksuzuki with your mission self-destruction. You already have ripped Pakistani people enough, With new auto policy, your time is over.

  • Incomplete article where are the specs
    Lol for that price I would rather buy the new Toyota revo

  • if someone going to get BMW-X1 with the price tag of 4 million rupees and Honda HR-V (also known as Vezel) for 3.6 Million rupees why he will going to through his money on 3.7 million on Suzuki.

  • Will crash and burn soon like Kizashi. (Na)Pak Suzuki R&D team are pot smokers, they don’t know what Pakistani public actually need

  • Suzuki has always been greedy in our country and nobody has done jack shit about it.

    For this price i’d rather buy the new Civic and have it modded.

    • So you’re saying you’d buy an overly-priced civic instead of an overly-priced vitara?
      Salaam hai tumhe Pakistani Awaam

  • Irony is that Japanese officer is standing wearing our national dress, and our men are all suited up and women half naked. Sigh. Now please label me Taliban.

    • Jo koi Taliban & Daish ka taluq Islam se bataye….smajh jana wo sab se bara jhoota or Yahoodi agent he.

      • There is difference between afghan taliban and TTP. Afghan talibans are a symbol of resistance, defenders of afghan soil. They fought against britain, USSR, and now USA. Whereas TTP is a group of militants organised and being funded by some anti pak agencies.

        • Afghan taliban were also puppets & funded from America…they used spirit of Jihad in their favor…..& now a days there is no difference between both

  • Its not a SUV, its a compact Crossover.
    It is good but they are not offering full features that they provide in GCC spec to keep up with the competition.
    It should have been priced a bit low as compared to vezel etc to become a real game changer.
    Suzuki should offer packages of free service for first 50k KM or cash back rewards like they offer in other countries.

  • Great it is a Joke if u go with price not worth as they demand, better to think for other brand like Honda or Toyota, rather than cheap quality …………. Dear Suzuki,, focus to improve Mehran first

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