Honda Can’t Even Keep Up with Demand for its New 150cc Bike

Earlier this month, Honda launched CB 150F, its latest performance bike. With a slew of security features, new tech and a better design, the bike was slated for a positive response just like Honda’s 70cc and 125cc bikes which have been trendsetters in the industry.

However, a bleak shortage has made it near impossible to acquire the new 150cc bike.

According to media reports, Honda CB 150F is not available in authorized dealers’ showrooms, especially in Karachi – the biggest market for motorbikes in the country.

Dealers Have No Bikes

Most dealers only have a single bike up for display and are asking buyers to book the bike in advance and wait at least 45 days for the delivery to take place.

The CB 150F carries an official price tag of Rs. 159,000. However, dealers are asking customers to pay around Rs. 180,000 to get the bike, perhaps signaling as a price increase. Any change in price has to be paid at the time of the delivery.

Dealers have confirmed that Atlas Honda Limited (AHL) isn’t supplying enough bikes to meet the demand and despite two weeks since launch, the bikes still haven’t been delivered. The company has only shipped two to three bikes to every showroom and is asking the dealers to avoid advance booking of the same.

Increase in Production

Despite an increase in production, during the past two years, Honda has become notorious for low supplies or rising premium (own rate) for immediate delivery of its CG-125 and CD70cc bikes. Of late, AHL’s production has increased from 750,000 units a year to 1.35 million units per year, thanks to its new plant in Sheikhupura.

According to Pakistan Automotive Manufacturers Association, during July to April 2016-17, Honda produced 798,640 bikes compared to 674,851 bikes in the same period last year.

Experts are of the view that AHL has either completely failed to meet user demand or its dealers have been creating an artificial shortage in order to make extra profits by asking for heavy premiums for immediate delivery of a bike.

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  • Obviously. This is exactly how you create a demand for something new. If less units are manufactured, more demand will become ‘breaking news’ in media. And more advertisement for Honda. Nothing new here. Besides, Honda knows how to play it dirty. And obviously our awaam is going to buy this hunk of sh*t because “Main te Honda e Layesan”

  • 4 bikes engines have been seized so they had to recall the stock! Now don’t ask for proof, join bikers clubs on FB and find out yourself, Honda CB150F has quality issues, it cannot maintain higher speed, its better to buy a 70 instead of this!

    • I believe you. Quality issues with Atlas Honda products are old news. It was the same with Euro 2 CG125 Classic, same with Deluxe. But this time it’s worse as engines are getting seized.

    • bhai new bike ko without running k top speed maro gay to engine to seize ho ga hi…
      by the way if u join yamaha YBR page u ll see eveyone have issue with ybr like raat sota nai hai mera bike, mai bike ka pamper kasay change kron etc etc,
      so same in honda page…
      galti khud ki hoti hai or blame company ko… not fair

      by the way i am ybr fan not honda but fact is fact…

  • I can’t even stop me to laughing ?. I think this article sponsored by Honda.. Worst bike in Pakistan Even many local companies offering better quality bikes then honda’s.. My advise to the writer of this article please before writing do some research.. Thnxs

  • Pakistan Motorcycle makers has to change 70CC and 125CC Designs now. For China Makers in Pakistan, Kawasaki GTO Parts needs to be used in 100 and above CCs Machines. as honda 70 in china variants even honda 70 has to be discontinue due to misusages and ease to disturb our environment by careless bikers and polluted engine songs(just like patha hua silencer and noisy sounds).

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