Zong Launches 4G Powered Smart Car Solution

Leading the digital innovation in the industry, Zong 4G started the New Year, 2018, with yet another state-of-the-art 4G enabled product, Zong 4G Smart Car solution.

Zong 4G Smart Car solution takes the 4G users in a new realm of digitalization, by offering three features in one innovative vehicle onboard diagnostics OBD–II device, monitored through a Mobile app for both Android and Apple users.

Providing connectivity on the go for its customers, the device offers:

  • Fastest 4G mobile internet, by turning the car into a Wi-Fi Hotspot for upto 10 smart phones and devices.
  • Car diagnostic monitoring; by obtaining vehicles on –board data such as RPM, speed, fuel level & mileage in real time.
  • Tracking capability; enabling the customers to track their vehicles in real time by setting safe zones and notifications pertinent to movement of vehicles in and out of the defined Geo fences.

The product, designed to make life easier in this fast pacing world, is now available for all Walk-In-Customers at Zong 4G Customer Service Centers in Islamabad and soon will be launched nationwide.

Easy to install, the Zong 4G Smart Car Solution is plug and play for all models of Honda and Toyota released after the year 2000. With as minimal time as 30 seconds for installation, the customers can immediately experience the benefits of digital connectivity. Giving the customers a glimpse of technologically transformative experiences, free demos are available at Zong 4G Customer Service Centers, Islamabad.

Zong 4G is one of the leading companies in the telecommunications category with its unmatched 4G experience in more than 300 cities. With this new Smart Car solution, Zong will further propel 4G internet penetration; living up to its vision of transforming the lifestyles of all Pakistanis through technology.

  • Sounds great but how will they measure rpm and real time fuel levels? For that they will have to install physical devices in the vehicle.

    • OBD2 is basically physicall device to daignose issues and monitir car and available on Aliexpress from 5 to 15 dollars from different vendors

      • And how it measures engine rpm, remaining fuel in tank? You gotta have sensors installed in those places which feed this device. Seems bit complex for a telecom operator to manage. Just MHO

  • Rubbish offer from zong, device cost is 12500 while its available in 1250 from Ali express and 1050 monthly charges for 10 gb

    only some insane will subscribe to this offer

    • dear the devices your are talking about are not 4G enabled and you just use them with bluetooth .. what Zong offering is all over the air via internet plus you can get 10GB of data on the device for use. I agree price is little higher but you have to consider the software development cost and maintinnace cost at companies end as it will keep 6 months of data of your car as backup.

      • they all comes with wifi enabled then who cares for 4g and moreover zong is charging 1050 per month

        • dear if you dont want to agree then its ur own else they have developed their own software on android and iOS. All the data is available on the app via internet not Wifi or Bluetooth. Still do me a favour search on aliexpress about OBD 4G Devices cost you will get your answer.

  • yes its a physical device , inserted in the standard OBD port below the steering near fuse box . It has ZONG 4G SIM in it.its the same port where honda Toyota mechanics connect their lap tops for diagnostics… It comes with 1 year free warranty which is not available on ali express… also creates 4G wifi hotspot for the car… free demo is available in ZONG CSC in islamabad blue area.

  • lets just focus on what is at hand and promote it for the sake of IoT. Zong has taken the initiative and risking itself too with developing the application and looking for the positive feedback. I see a nice potential for this device as this might be really beneficial to the people who have given their cars to careem uber bykea, and have hired drivers to drive their vehicles, looking how their vehicle is being handled by the driver.

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