Mini Mazda Association Ends Protest on M2 Motorway

All Pakistan Mini Mazda Association has ended its day-long protest in the metropolitan city of Punjab. The association was on a strike against the excessive toll plaza fees on Bund Road and Ring Road.

The Mazda drivers demanded the authorities to abolish the illicit plazas on Bund Road and reduce the tax fees on the Ring Road.

The drivers blocked Babu Sabu interchange on the motorway and completely blocked the traffic. The president of the association told that they will continue their sit-in until their demands are met.

Demands Met

The Mazda Association’s representatives met with CTO Rai Ijaz and informed him of their demands. The negotiations between the two apparently went successfully as drivers have ended their protest on the motorway.

The government ensured the drivers that the toll plazas on Bund Road have been exempted from taxes. A total of six plazas between Adda Plot and Babu Sabu interchange will not charge any toll tax effective immediately.

There is no word on what happened with the second demand of reducing fees on Ring Road. However, it is confirmed that the drivers have started clearing the motorway. The Mazda drivers parked their trucks on the motorway and blocked it completely. After successful negotiations, the trucks have been moved from the M2 Motorway.

Islamabad Expressway

Last night, for a short period of time, Islamabad Expressway was blocked by a religious party as well. The traffic police released an alternate traffic plan to divert the incoming traffic from Lahore and other areas on the highway.

However, shortly afterward, Islamabad Traffic Police announced that the highway has been cleared of all diversions and it is open for traffic. It remains unclear whether this was an isolated protest by the party or more country-wide protests will follow. Nonetheless, the authorities should formulate a viable plan so the general commuters and the public don’t suffer at the hands of protestors or government.

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