Suzuki Reveals the Launch Date of the New Alto

The new Alto 660cc’s launch date has been revealed by Pak Suzuki, with the company posting a short teaser video on their official social media page.

The car will be officially unveiled on 15th June.

Here’s the teaser:

According to pictures on social media, the new model was seen on Lahore’s canal road and as per reports, the model will come in 2 transmissions, 3 trims and Suzuki will offer a 3-year or 60,000km warranty for the car.

Although the official price tag has yet to be revealed, rumors abound that it’s going to cost somewhere between PKR 950,000 to 1.15 million but due to the devaluation of the rupee, its price could go up further.

It is worth pointing out that this generation of Alto will retire from the global markets soon as the company seeks to launch the 9th generation Alto to mark the 40th anniversary of the car in October 2019, as it was first unveiled back in October 1979.

  • Please dont fool the people of pakistan, if you are going to manufactured it locally it cost will not exceeded more than 2 and half lacs, 15 % Government taxes even then if its exceed to 25% it will become 75000/- per unit
    330000 should be the cost of vehicle.
    You are selling the same unit @ more then 1.12 million
    What is the benefit for the poor people of pakistan
    Every clever person i suggested that dont buy the worst locally manufactured vehicles because of there is not a single standrad / international tests/precautions are adopted
    No air bags
    No power windows
    Chasis is build of ordinary iron
    Body build up of tin daba
    Usaged of Plastic i dont like to say anything but using low material

    Why we buy Pak made

    • FYI new Alto will be launched with 3 variants. VX, VXR and AGS
      AGS is the fully loaded variant, with power steering, power windows, air bags and ABS too. Japanese ALTO has fenders made of plastic/fibre, while in our local assembled ALTO, fender will be of sheet metal and over all body is better than Japanese ALTO.

  • Hideous look, outstanding job of creating an ugliness even pakistani rickshaw has better looks now, and u r asking money for it, it should be given free to the people as a punishment for not allowing any other company in Pakistan to succeed..

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