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Pakistan Railways to Set Up EV Charging Stations Near Railway Stations

In light of the impending rise in the use of Electric Vehicles (EVs) across the country, Pakistan Railways has decided to set up electric charging stations on its land across Pakistan.

Industry experts suggest that following the introduction of the EV Policy in Pakistan, there is a possibility of significant developments in the sector.


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Pakistan Railways will offer several of its areas across the country to establish EV charging points. For this purpose, its ministry has suggested the use of its entire network and all of its stations.

According to a media report, Pakistan Railways has prepared a plan under which vacant plots beside its railway stations will be given to the private sector for the construction of EV charging stations. Each station will be able to accommodate three to ten vehicles.

More than 100 spots across Sindh (including Karachi Cantt Station and City Railway Station) have been identified where electric charging points can be set up.

This development will also serve as a viable means of income for the railway sector.


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The Ministry of Railways has reportedly invited applications from private companies that are interested in setting up EV power stations.

According to railway officials, the fares for the proposed charging points will be determined after considering suggestions from interested companies and after studying their market value.

  • Mash Allah, Ministry Ràilway is very active in considering the future requirement of public. But question is, where are Electric Vehicles that Ministry envisages to charge. Also, Ministry had its own an Electric System for it own requirement from Lahore to Khanawal. Where is that today? Please do encourage people to establish Charging station in you land when there is need. I suggest not to waist time and resources in futile exercises at this stage.

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