Proton Holdings Records Highest Exports Ever Thanks to Pakistan

Proton Holdings has recorded the highest rise in exports in its history, with Pakistan being its biggest market. According to its sales figures for H1 CY2022, the company sold 60,124 units from January to June, recording an increase of 3.9 percent year over year (YoY).

These figures also include exports, however, the export figures alone show big growth. According to Paul Tan’s recent report,  the company exported 636 units in June, bringing the total exports for H1 CY2022 to 2,722 units. This figure amounts to YoY growth of 81.2 percent, making Proton Holdings the top car exporter in Malaysia.

According to details, the automaker exported 1,602 units of Saga, which accounts for an increase of 78 percent YoY. The report adds that Proton X70 and X50 are catching up fast, with 377 and 100 units exported respectively in June.

Pakistan is still Proton’s biggest export market with 1,770 units, 183 percent higher than 1H CY2021. Distant 2nd and 3rd rankers are Brunei and Bangladesh with 203 and 194 units respectively.

Proton’s CEO Roslan Abdullah made the following statement regarding the milestone:

Proton’s exports is one of the pillars to drive our future growth and is also in line with our promise to the government to help develop Malaysia’s automotive export industry. With the addition of new markets such as South Africa to our portfolio, we target for export volumes to continue on their current growth trajectory and form an even larger portion of our sales in the future.

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    Someone export is some one import
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