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Study Proves Women are Better Drivers Than Men

A common notion among people dictates that men are better drivers than women. However, a recent study has refuted that theory by showing that women are less likely to be involved in a car accident than men.

Researchers at Newcastle University in England conducted the study with a sample size of 43 men and 33 women. Each candidate had to use a driving simulator. The results of the simulation revealed that the women had better control over the vehicle and engaged in fewer reckless driving attempts than men.

The study highlighted that female drivers have faster reaction times and are more adept at regaining control of a wayward vehicle. Women’s average reaction time was 2.45 seconds while that of men was 2.63 seconds.

Based on these findings, the study deduced that women are better and safer drivers compared to men. However, the test also highlighted that women are more likely to fail a driving test than men.

Although this study debunks the ‘women are bad drivers’ theory, numerous researchers and members of the general public believe that the study relied on small sample size.

  • They played this out on a simulator and now they say it is for real. The university must have the most incompetent types of research funded by insecure people.

  • The only thing this study proved was that “The studies prove nothing and are mostly wrong”

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