Here’s How Much Prices of Toyota Corolla and its Competitors’ Have Increased Since 2021

The recent price hikes have drastically shifted the landscape of Pakistan’s car industry. Compact sedans, in particular, have shot up significantly in price and are now considered high-end products.

For a long time, Toyota Corolla was Pakistan’s best-selling sedan as it offered strong value for money. However, following the latest price bump, its demand may diminish, which also holds true for its competitors.

Here’s how much the prices of Corolla and its competitors have gone up since August 2021 (or since launch):

Toyota Corolla
Variants Price in August 2021 (Rs.) Prices in August 2022 (Rs.) Increase (Rs.)
Altis 1.6 M/T 3,109,000 4,899,000 1,790,000
Altis 1.6 A/T 3,249,000 5,139,000 1,890,000
Altis SE 1.6 A/T 3,599,000 5,639,000 2,040,000
Altis 1.8 CVT 3,579,000 5,679,000 2,100,000
Altis 1.8 Grande CVT Beige Interior 3,869,000 6,149,000 2,280,000
Altis 1.8 Grande CVT Black Interior 3,889,000 6,189,000 2,300,000
Honda Civic
Civic 1.5T M-CVT 5,099,000 6,799,000 1,700,000
Civic Oriel 1.5T M-CVT 5,399,000 7,099,000 1,700,000
Civic 1.5T RS LL-CVT 6,149,000 8,099,000 1,950,000
Hyundai Elantra
2.0 GLS 3,899,000 5,499,000 1,600,000
1.6 GL 4,299,000 5,099,000 800,000



Interestingly, Toyota Corolla has seen the biggest increase in price among competitors. However, it’s still the cheapest compact sedan you can buy right now (Altis 1.6 Manual variant).

Civic hasn’t gone through as big a price hike as Corolla because it was launched earlier this year. Regardless, it remains one of the most expensive cars in Pakistan. With a price tag of Rs. 8.1 million (excluding taxes) for the top variant Civic outdoes several crossovers, which puts its demand in question.

Analysts expect all car companies to witness a decline in demand due to soaring prices. With a starting price of almost Rs. 5 million and the ongoing economic situation, the compact car segment seems the worst for wear.

  • Prices of all cars should decrease now, as all automakers had excuse of increased value of usd against PKR, now that PKR habe appreciated allot and continues to add its value against USD car prices must be adjusted as well.

  • Plz decrease price every car đźš— in Pakistan
    Yar hum log itni high price offered nhi Kar sagte hn hum Pakistani log inshan hn hummrq nhi khayal Karo plz

  • These companies increased price when dollar value goes up but didn’t decrease when dollar goes down . Looters

  • See the price increase in an year 2 million. Whereas the dollar 170 to 210.

    Increase of RS 40 is to increase cars price by Rs 2 million.

    Good strategy.

    These are real looters.

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