Suzuki Witnesses a Huge Decline in Sales in July 2022

Pak Suzuki Motor Company (PSMC) recorded a huge decline in July 2022, following the recent production-related challenges. Industry reports suggest that the company sold just under 6,800 units, observing a month-on-month (MoM) drop of around 60 percent.

As always, Suzuki Alto made up the majority of sales, with around 4,600 units sold. As for the remaining lineup, an unofficial report adds that PSMC couldn’t sell more than 500 units of any car. This marks PSMC’s worst sales this year.

A Far Reaching Problem

Automakers had already predicted production hiccups and declines in sales. During its financial briefing earlier this year, CEO of Toyota Indus Motors Ali Asghar Jamali predicted that the increase in freight costs, raw material costs, inflation, and other operational challenges will result in a sales decline of up to 25 percent.

Honda Atlas Cars Limited (HACL) — in its most recent financial briefing — echoed the same concerns with the addition of production pauses. It also cited the non-approval of letters of credit by the government as the reason for production and delivery delays. It claimed that consumer financing makes up 40 percent of its sales, which will drop to 30% due to high-interest rates.

Furthermore, several major automakers are observing non-production days due to delays in CKD procurement. Experts reckon that all automakers will witness a decline in sales and it will take a while for the industry to recover from the ongoing economic turmoil.

  • تھوڑی لوٹ مچائی ہے اس کمپنی نے پاکستان میں۔ اور خاص طور پر پچھلے تین سالوں۔ میں ابھی آگے آگے دیکھیں ہوتا ہے کیا

  • They are selling dabba Alto for 25 lacs, then why wouldn’t they see these low sales?

  • Reason for decline of sales are
    1. uncertain economic conditions .
    2. Increase in dollor rates
    3. High fuel prices
    4. People are switching to hybrid and electric cars.
    5. Increase in price of cars without any control

  • ناجائز منافع خوری اور گھٹیا مال، یہ دو ایسی خصلتیں ہیں کہ یہ جس کاروبار میں بھی شامل ہو جائیں اسے تباہ و برباد کرکے رکھ دیتی ہیں اور پاک سوزوکی بھی اس مکافات عمل سے نہیں بچ پائ، اور یہ ان کے ساتھ ہونا تھا کیونکہ جس طریقے سے اس کمپنی نے اس ملک اور قوم کو دونوں ہاتھوں سے لوٹا اور جس طرح سے حرام پیسہ کمایا وہ تو ایک دن انکو تباہ ہونا تھا ، لوگوں کی بددعائیں انکو کھا جائے گی ،۔ گھٹیا مال اور ناجائز منافع ،۔ اب بھگتو ۔

  • India ma under 4 lac Maruti Suzuki 1000cc launch ho aur pak ma nakara daba alto 25 lakh tk chla jy, shame

  • Bakwas garia AA rahi hai Suzuki ki rate double le rahi hai ab Suzuki lot mar kr k baghne wali hai

  • Pakistan Ma Ye Suzuki motor wala na Lot . mar Atni price ma Difference kaya ha her Car ma 300k ka Difference kya ha kuo

  • Bht hi acha hua awam ko bi thori aqal ayi .. najaiz munafa khorri krne ka yehi anjaam hota hai …. prices low kro.. otherwise mri dua hai k apki sales mazeed down ho aur majbooran aap car prices old prices pr le ayen

  • In ki vehicles kharidna band ker do Chahay Suzuki ho ya koi or company ye company walay khud hi prices down ker den ge tab jaa ke in ki aqal thikanay aaye gi.

  • Due huge prices of Suzuki alto I have bought Mira car to maintain my economical position

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