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SHC Demands Enforcement of Supreme Court’s Ban on Heavy Transport Vehicles

The Sindh High Court (SHC) has demanded the fulfillment of the Supreme Court’s ban on heavy transport in Karachi’s metropolitan area to curb traffic congestion and road accidents. As per SHC’s orders, the ban has become effective as of today, December 8.

After hearing complaints about heavy vehicles in the city, a bench led by Justice Nadeem Akhtar told the authorities to not allow heavy transport vehicles (HTVs) into the city between 6 am and 11 pm.

He further ordered the authorities to fine and seize the HTVs that do not comply with these instructions. Justice Akhtar instructed the authorities to inform the SHC if this decision hinders the implementation of traffic rules.

The court also told the authorities to take action against anyone who breaks the traffic rules, even if they are MNAs or MPAs.

Rise in Fatal Accidents

Karachi observed 215 traffic road accidents this year. These accidents caused 184 deaths and 152 injuries.

Of these accidents, 91 occurred in the western district, resulting in 69 fatalities and 77 injuries. Similarly, truck collisions caused the deaths of 41 people and injury to 10 others. There were 141 motorcycle accidents, 110 of which were fatal, resulting in 130 deaths and 84 injuries.

The authorities have improved surveillance throughout the city to ensure the proper implementation of law and order in the city.