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Toyota’s New and Stylish Prius Outsells its Electric Competitors

Since its sleek redesign in 2023, the Toyota Prius has not only been turning heads but the hybrid has managed to outsell many of its popular electric vehicles (EVs) competitors in the US.

Toyota’s latest sales report for the first quarter of 2024 has revealed a significant surge in the popularity of the Prius. After winning the 2024 World Car Design of the Year, sales of the Prius have skyrocketed by an impressive 138.6 percent compared to the same period last year, with 13,327 units sold in the US, signaling a resounding demand for hybrid vehicles.

While EVs have been gaining traction in the market, Toyota’s Prius has outperformed its electric counterparts by a wide margin. The Toyota bZ4X, an all-electric SUV, saw sales of 1,897 units, while its luxury sibling, the Lexus RZ, recorded 1,603 sales. Combined, the sales of these EVs pale in comparison to the Prius’s impressive figures.

The surge in Prius sales reflects Toyota’s continued success in the hybrid vehicle market. With models like the RAV4, Corolla, Corolla Cross, and Camry also available as hybrids, Toyota has seen an overall increase in sales by 20.3 percent in North America. The Camry, in particular, has seen an 18.6-percent year-over-year increase, demonstrating the enduring popularity of hybrid vehicles among consumers.

The success of the Prius can be attributed to its new looks and upgraded features, including the Prius Prime’s impressive 44 miles of all-electric range and powerful 220-horsepower engine. These advancements make the Prius a compelling choice for consumers looking for fuel-efficient and eco-friendly transportation options.


As the automotive industry evolves, the competition between hybrids and EVs intensifies. While EVs have garnered attention for their zero-emission capabilities, hybrids like the Prius offer a practical alternative with proven performance and efficiency. Toyota’s strong showing in hybrid sales suggests that the market for hybrid vehicles remains robust, setting the stage for a competitive year ahead.

  • With all due respect, the quoted sales figures for the Prius are ok but what are we comparing them to? The Prius might have “outperformed” its own company’s EVs but what about the rest?
    The BZ4X and its Lexus (and Subaru) rebadged versions are very bad as far as EVs go. They have been plagued by serious issues and have spent a long time in recall hell/limbo. Their EV range and charging tech is acknowledged to be outdated and they also have software issues. That is why their sales have been so low even though they have been in the market for a couple of years by now. Even the Die hard Toyota fans are keeping away. Maybe that is be design; to keep the fanboys wary of EVs.
    The only reason the US is gearing up its anti-EV stance is that they cant seem to make the battery tech work (making batteries locally is turning into a legal/cost nightmare) and china is leaving them, the Europeans and the Japanese far behind in the dust in battery production and EV vehicle pricing AND technology. They also know that if the Chinese come into their markets, they are done for! That is why Chinese companies are facing silly legal hurdles in European nations and that is why (with all due respect) these kinds of fluff pieces are the order of the day in the US, Europe and Japan (Especially) to keep the Toyota fanboys (and ICE fanboys in general) happy.

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