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Save Up To 8 Lacs With Suzuki’s New Installment Plan

Pak Suzuki has announced a new installment plan that will allow customers to save up to Rs. 800,000 in an attempt to revitalize sales amid challenging times. The installment offer, in collaboration with Habib Metro Auto Finance, aims to make Suzuki cars more accessible to consumers.

Under the partnership with Habib Metro Auto Finance, consumers can get a brand-new Suzuki car without digging into their savings. With the installment offer, individuals stand to save up to Rs. 800,000. Additionally, the offer features fixed interest rates as low as 18%, ensuring additional savings for consumers.

Moreover, Pak Suzuki has been actively rolling out a series of purchase and exchange bonus offers on its popular models like Alto, Wagon R, and Swift. These initiatives aim to inject sustainability into the company’s sales and profitability amidst the industry’s challenges.

The recent announcement comes in the wake of Pakistan Suzuki Motors Company (PSMC) reporting a substantial loss. The automotive sector in Pakistan continues to grapple with dwindling sales, production disruptions, and high taxation, with PSMC bearing the brunt of these challenges. The company reported a staggering loss of Rs. 10.07 billion in 2023, primarily attributed to a sharp decline in sales and elevated taxation levels.

The significant drop in net sales revenue, nearly 50% down to Rs. 102.11 billion compared to the previous year, underscores the operational hurdles faced by Pak Suzuki. Inventory shortages led to prolonged periods of non-operation, exacerbating the sales decline.

Despite the sales downturn, Pak Suzuki managed to improve its gross profit to Rs. 17.27 billion, reflecting an improvement from Rs. 11.68 billion in the corresponding period last year. This progress translated to a healthier profit margin of 16.91%, a notable uptick from 5.77% recorded in 2022.

  • Why don’t they just lower the prices by 1 million instead of cheap tactics. They already very clear in their terms and conditions to charge more from second year onwards.

  • This is super confusing!
    On the one hand it is mentioned that Pak Suzuki “suffered a loss” of over 10 billion PKR. And just a couple of para down, in this very article, it mentions that Pak Suzuki improved it’s over all gross profit and it’s profit margins.
    Which is it?! Is Pak Suzuki suffering a loss or enjoying more profit?!
    Calling a drop in profits is not the same as a true, going into the negative, no profits to speak of, actual loss.

    • Actually pak Suzuki has surge prices of their cars beyond the reach of common people so why their sales declined but on the other side their profit increased by many fold due to high increase in their local assembled cars . .Pak Suzuki sucking our blood as they convert their profit in YEN and taken from Pakistan in the shape of foreign currency.
      We urge the Management of pak Suzuki to kindly look in to the exorbitant prices of their cars specially Suzuki Alto which is being used by common people of Pakistan.

    • There is a difference between the net loss and gross profit. Pls discuss the matter with any of your accountant friend and he will make you understand.

  • Suzuki company should have to signed MOU with different Government Department to sold their cars on installment without any interest to increase the sale.

  • I bought alto vxr 2022 for 1480500 which was at that time over priced. Now vxr is 2707000 which is even worst price tag and what we get for 2.707 million is just tin sheet. India provide alto cars for 3 to 5 lac INR which is around 9 to 15 pac PKR. 9 lac for basic and 15 lac for premium features. And India sell new gen while we are still getting old gen alto…. P

  • Suzuki company must be required to improve their low quality in alto, and reduce the prices accecebl to the Mass.

  • These are just tactics to sell the all time highly overpriced Suzuki vehicles. Would there b any local quality company who can gradually build the reputation and provide better possible alternatives in quite lower possible prices

  • Lol, loss bhi hay, profit bhi hay… ye sab itna bipolar kyun hay ?
    paksuzuki trying to come out as a victim and yet trying to con us all.

    As for this ‘offer’… this is a scam.
    Plz avoid pak suzuki at all cost. their ‘new’ cars are still 10 years behind from rest of the world. also, the dealership owners are utter luteras, selling even their certified cars at unimaginably higher prices. They are amongst the worst of us.
    instead buy a 5-6 yr old used car, spend on it, and itd still cost much less than their certified BS.

    we understand they are a business organization and they must make money to remain profitable, but this is a bit too much. exploiting the customer to the max. zero quality and concern for the consumer. as the govt authorities smoke bhang and sing praises for a sustainable future they think they are providing us, there is zero check n balance and regard for consumer rights.

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