Punjab To Introduce Hassle-Free Vehicle Registration System

Chief Minister’s Special Monitoring Unit’s (SMU) member, Salman Sufi has revealed that a new vehicle registration system is about to be introduced in Punjab. The statement was made while addressing an event in Rawalpindi.

The new system will completely modernise the current process of registrations and number plate allocation. It will bring an end to “Applied For” and fake number plates on cars. These are the major reasons behind the new Dealer Vehicle Registration System (DVRS). The new system is said to go online as soon as next month.

A Completely Computerised System

Salman Sufi affirmed that the DVRS has the potential to eradicate corruption in the usage of vehicles and fake number plates would no longer pose a threat in terrorism acts as all of the data regarding a vehicle will be stored in the computerised system. People will no longer be able to avoid motor vehicle taxes by registering their cars late.

He said that 1.6 million motorcycles and other vehicles were registered during the last year in Punjab. The applicants had to stand in long lines for hours and even pay some extra money just to get their work done.

Number plates would now be provided by the dealers. They will deposit number plate and registration fee in National Bank of Pakistan and maintain a computerised record of their dealings. The already approved number plates, would then be provided to the new car owners.

The government has fixed fees of Rs. 2,000 for cars and Rs. 500 for motorcycles

Salman said “These dealers would be given dealership/licenses for provision of number plates to vehicle owners. Under this programme, Punjab government would register dealers who would be allowed to sale and purchase vehicles”.

Director Excise and Taxation, Tanveer Gondal, said the new system will strengthen the whole process. Dealers will be charged a fixed fee of Rs. 2,000 for a motor vehicle and Rs. 500 for a motorcycle.

The universal number plate and registration of a vehicle will be provided as a computerised card from now on. The card will store all information regarding the sale and purchase of the vehicle.

via Dawn News

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