Coronavirus: A Developing Timeline of Covid-19 Outbreak

12 March – Major Event Observe Major Development

Gilgit Baltistan reported a 3rd COVID19 patient from Shigar District. Meanwhile, Mr. Murtaza Wahab informed the media about the recovery of the 2nd Coronavirus victim.

A Pakistani embassy employee arriving from Kabul was reported tested positive of Coronavirus at the Torkham Border.

Ongoing PSL events to be held in Empty Karachi National Stadium to avoid the risk of COVID19 infection, as instructed by Sindh Government.

11 March – Surfacing of Suspected Cases in Punjab 

Punjab saw the emergence of 76 “suspected case” of Coronavirus. Majority of these cases were cleared, except for 11 who had not been tested that day.

Second COVID19 victims gets reported in Gilgit Baltistan. The victim was reportedly a 14 year old hailing from Skardu.

Death of a Pakistani occurs from COVID19 in Italy.

10 March – Ban on Public Places in Sindh

Pakistan reported the surfacing of 3 more confirmed cases, 2 of whom hailed from Sindh and 1 from Balochistan.

A temporary ban issued on public places such as eateries, halls, tea-stalls etc. by the Sindh Government. The ban forebode the operations of such places to continue after 11:15 PM.

9 March – Sindh Becomes Home to Highest Number of COVID19 Cases

Karachi saw the surfacing 9 new Coronavirus cases bringing the countrywide total up to 16 and province-wide total up to 13.

Closure of Chaman Border extended for another week.

8 March – Steady Climb in the Number of COVID19 Cases

7th confirmed victim of Coronavirus reported in Karachi, Sindh.

7 March – Taftan Border Re-opens

Pakistan re-opens Taftan border for the travelers after a 2 week long travel ban.

6 March – A Recovery Case Appears

A reported case of Coronavirus in Karachi had recovered from the illness and was released from the medical care after having tested negative.

4 March – The Screening Continues

Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority issues directions regarding mandatory screening at the Peshawar, Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad airports, as attributed by hundreds of confirmed cases of COVID19 in the neighboring countries.

2 March – Pakistan Closes the Northern Borders

5th coronavirus victim surfaces onto the scene. The victims was reportedly a 45 year old woman hailing from Gilgit Baltistan who had just returned from Iran.

Pakistan closes down the Chaman Border due to COVID19 outbreak.

29 Feb – Number of Coronavirus Victims Rises in Pakistan

Coronavirus victims doubled in number. Latest count rises to 4.

3 more case tested positive after the arrival of 2 cases initially. The victims reportedly hail from the federal region.

27 Feb – Pakistan takes measures to contain the virus

Sindh and Baluchistan governments announce closure of Govt and private educational institutions; Sindh for two days (27th & 28th Feb) and Baluchistan till Mar 15.

Pakistan’s Civil Aviation Authority issues directives for the screening of all passengers traveling from Quetta airport to other parts of the country.

The Punjab government has declared a high alert across the province.

Chief Minister Sindh Murad Ali Shah has formed a task force to deal with Coronavirus.

Pakistan deploys screening teams at Torkham border.

Three isolation wards are established at Civil, Jinnah and Aga Khan hospitals in Karachi.

Saudi Arabia imposes ban on Pakistanis traveling on Umrah and visit visas till further orders.

26 Feb – Coronavirus reaches Pakistan

Pakistan reports first two confirmed cases of Coronavirus. One in Karachi and the other one in Islamabad; both had travelled to Iran for pilgrimage to holy sites.

Pakistan government suspends Quetta-Taftan train route amid Coronavirus outbreak in Iran.

Iran death toll reaches 19. New cases in Kuwait, France, Bahrain, and Thailand appear.

25 Feb – New cases, new countries

Algeria, Switzerland, and Brazil report first confirmed cases as the spread expands globally.

Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) discontinues flight operations for China and Japan for at least three weeks.

Iran’s Deputy Health Minister gets Coronavirus.

24 Feb – Talks of 50 deaths in Iran surface

An Iranian official states the virus has claimed 50 deaths in the country. The country’s health ministry rejects the claims.

In Pakistan, the stock market takes a dip, losing 1105 points due to Coronavirus fears.

Pakistan International Airlines suspends flight to Beijing till Mar 15 to prevent spread of the virus.

23 Feb – Deaths continue…

Iran confirms 4 more deaths; South Korea fifth. New cases continue to surge.

22 Feb – Deaths in Iran and Italy

Italy reports the death of a 78-year-old victim. Two more deaths in Iran take the country’s death toll to 4.

21 Feb – China prisons outbreak

China reports 200 positive cases in two prisons outside Hubei province. Meanwhile, the virus claims life of a young doctor in Wuhan.


Cases continue to surge. Death toll is reaching 1,900.

15 Feb – First death in France

An 80-year-old Chinses tourist traveling to France from Hubei dies. This marks the first Coronavirus death outside Asia.

14 Feb – Top world events are called off

Facebook and IBM cancel conference plans over coronavirus fears. On 12 Feb, Mobile World Congress was called off.

Pakistani government decides to turn Hajj Complex into quarantine facility for Coronavirus, improving its readiness to counter the novel virus.

13 Feb – First death in Japan

Japan reports first Coronavirus death – a woman in her 80s. The virus has infected 248 in the country so far.

Four of the five Pakistani students that had caught the coronavirus in China fully recover.

12 Feb – Number of deaths rise; number of recoveries too

With death toll reaching 1,115, the recoveries in China have also increased to 8.2% from 1.3% in previous weeks.

11 Feb – WHO names the virus

The official name of the virus from the WHO comes as ‘Covid-19’.

Pakistan government announces it is looking to evacuate Pakistanis stuck in China.

10 Feb – The spread seems unstoppable

New confirmed cases are appearing in different countries. UAE, US, France, UK and Malaysia report several new cases. The virus has now overtaken SARS and claimed 800 lives in China alone.

07 Feb – Chinese whistle-blower doctor dies

A Chinses doctor, who is said to have tried to issue an early warning about the virus, contract it and dies. So far, the virus has killed 638 people.

The Government of Punjab announces that passengers suspected of carrying the virus at airports will be kept in isolation for 15 days.

05 Feb – Pakistan receive first Coronavirus detection kits

Coronavirus testing kits arrive from Japan.

Pakistan announces the ability to diagnose Coronavirus locally.

04 Feb – Malaysia and Belgium report first cases

Malaysia and Belgium report their first confirmed Coronavirus cases.

Pakistan announces no confirmed Coronavirus cases.

The number of Pakistani students in China diagnosed with Coronavirus increases to five.

02 Feb – First death outside China

A 44-year-old Chinese man from Wuhan city dies in Philippines. This marks the first Coronavirus death outside China.

A Pakistani returning from China is isolated in Peshawar over Coronavirus suspicion.

Eight suspected Coronavirus patients, including 5 passengers, are isolated in Lahore, Pakistan.

01 Feb – Virus enters Russia, Spain, Sweden

The virus, after claiming 259 lives so far, enters Russia, Spain, and Sweden with their first cases confirmed.

31 Jan – WHO declares global emergency

WHO finally declares the outbreak as a global public health emergency. Meanwhile, New Zealanad reports first case and Thailand reports domestic transmission.

30 Jan – US reports domestic spread

CDC confirms first person-to-person transmission of Coronavirus. Meanwhile, Russia closes 2,700 mile border with China after first suspected case.

29 Jan – New cases reported in UAE and Germany; 132 deaths so far

Infected cases in China reach about 6,000; fatalities reach 132. Finland reports first case and Australia count jumps to 7.

Four Pakistani students in China are diagnosed with Coronavirus.

28 Jan – Domestic transmissions begin

Domestic transmissions of Coronavirus are reported from Japan, Taiwan, and Germany. Meanwhile: Evacuation efforts speed up; death toll reaches 107 in China; virus spread to more countries.

27 Jan – Sri Lanka reports first case

A 40-year-old woman tourist from Hubei tests positive for the virus.

Over 1,000 Pakistani students are stuck in the Chinese city of Wuhan.

Pakistan mulls extension of Khunjerab Pass closure to prevent the outbreak.

Pakistan reveals it lacks medical facilities that can diagnose Coronavirus.

26 Jan – WHO raises global risk to ‘high’ from ‘moderate’

Who revises report, raises the global risk from Coronavirus from moderate to high. Meanwhile: Mexico reports first case; China reports 15 more fatalities; France and US move to evacuate nationals from Wuhan

25 Jan – Canada and Nepal report first vases

A 50-year-old Canadian man, and a Nepali student test positive for the virus. Both had returned from China.

Pakistan halts flights of China Southern Airlines to Pakistan until January 31.

24 Jan – Travel restrictions expand, hospital construction begins

Many other cities are added to the Chinese travel ban list. The country announces construction of a temporary 100-bed hospital in Wuhan.

23 Jan – China imposes travel bans

China suspends travel to and from Wuhan city. Two more cities join the ban hours later including Huanggang and Ezhou.

22 Jan – 500 infected, 17 deaths, live poultry sale ban

By now, the virus has infected 500 and killed 17 people in different countries. Many airports have begun passenger screening for the virus. China’s Henan province imposes a ban on the sale of live poultry.

21 Jan – First cases in the US and Australia

The virus is detected in a man in his 30s in Washington; he has been to China too. In Brisbane, Australia, the first case appears – again, in a recent Wuhan visitor.


The virus has spread to many cities of China. The Chinese President expresses need for aggressive containment measures. Health experts confirm human-to-human transmission.

20 Jan – South Korea reports first case

A Chinese person arriving from Wuhan to South Korea is detected with the virus.

17 Jan – US begins airport screening

Passengers arriving from Wuhan are screened at San Francisco, JFK, and LA airports.

Another Chinese man, 69, loses fight against the virus. This is followed by a third death on Jan 20.

15 Jan – Japan reports first case

The virus is identified in a person who had recently been to Wuhan.

13 Jan – Virus crosses borders

Thailand reports its first confirmed Coronavirus case. It’s a Chinese woman, returning from her visit to Wuhan.

11 Jan – First victim dies

The first Coronavirus related death is reported in Wuhan. A 61-year-old victim succumbs to the deadly virus.

8 Jan – First suspected case outside China

1st case of the virus outside China appears. 4 suspected cases appear at Thailand’s Chiang Mai International Airport.

7 Jan – 2019-nCoV identified

The virus is identified as Coronavirus and named 2019-nCoV.

6 Jan – No known virus

The disease, which resembled SARS, MERS and bird flu, turns out neither of the three.

5 Jan – WHO opposes travel restrictions

In a statement, the World Health Organization advised against restricting travel or trade with China.

3 Jan – China begins containment measures

Aggressive containment measures kick in. Passengers at Wuhan and Changi airports are screened.

1 Jan – Outbreak hub is identified

A seafood market in Wuhan is suspected to be the hub of the outbreak by the US Centres for Disease Control (CDC).

31 Dec – The first cases appear

Several flu-like cases emerge in Wuhan, the capital of Hubei province in Central China. While patients are quarantined and the source of the disease is traced, the World Health Organization is alerted about the outbreak by Chinese authorities.

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