Suzuki Alto Records a Gigantic 280% Increase in Sales for December 2021

Pak Suzuki Motor Company (PSMC) has been an unstoppable force in the Pakistani car market, posting record sales twice during the 2021 calendar year. In December, PSMC set a new monthly record of more than 15,500 units sold, breaking its previous record of over 15,200 units sold in July 2021.

As per official data, both records were observed as a result of due to the amazing sales of Suzuki Alto. Last month, PSMC shifted 9,195 units of the Alto, making it the best selling car of December 2021. This is an increase of 280% over November 2021 when it sold 2,420 units.

Along with that title, the Alto has also taken the accolade of the best-selling car of the 2021 calendar year, having sold 53,887 units.

Reason for Success

The Pakistani market has a huge demand for supermini hatchbacks but unfortunately, very little choice. An argument can be made that Alto has two competitors, namely, the United Bravo and the Prince Pearl, but so far, the opinions are divided about their quality.

While Alto is not exactly a champion in terms of quality, it has the advantage of offering ease of ownership and maintenance to its buyers due to PSMC’s countrywide dealership network.

The Suzuki Alto is currently the only locally manufactured supermini that can be considered a decent value for money, with its closest competition being the imported Kei cars. However, those too have now become incredibly expensive due to the import bans imposed by the government.

PSMC will likely continue to enjoy the top spot in terms of car sales unless a better value proposition comes along in the Kei car segment of Pakistan.

  • Bhai teen mah ki qabz khuli hay Suzuki walou ki… Kon likhta hay yeh articles???

    Cars delovey was stopped since October, it resumed in December/!! Suzuki does not have capability to produce 9000 cars

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