Haval SUV Maker is Launching A Suzuki Jimny Competitor

Famous Chinese automaker, Great Wall Motors (GWM), which introduced Haval SUVs in Pakistan, will soon also launch the Tank 100 as a direct rival to Suzuki Jimny.

GWM has decades of expertise in designing strong off-road vehicles for the Chinese military and there is no doubt that Tank 100, the smallest SUV in its lineup, will also be formidable.

The current generation Suzuki Jimny was released in 2018 but is still in high demand all over the world, with thousands of backorders awaiting fulfillment. Still, there is room for a Chinese alternative, and GWM aims to take advantage of it.

According to information, the Tank 100 will include a full 4-wheel drive system with a locking differential for real off-roading.

It will use the same 2.0-liter turbocharged 4-cylinder engine that the Tank 300 has, producing around 224 hp and 387 pound-feet of torque. This is incredibly high when compared to Jimny’s 100 hp and 130 lb-ft of torque-producing 1.5-liter normally aspirated engine. Both manual and automated gearboxes are expected to be available for the Tank 100.

GWM had already unveiled the Tank 300 as a competitor to Jeep Wrangler, the Tank 400 to rival Toyota Fortuner, and the Tank 600 to compete against Land Cruiser Prado.

    • It is not a fake. Its a real product unfortunately.

      It is in a line of products
      Tank 600 – Land Cruiser Prado rival
      Tank 400 – Toyota Fortuner rival
      Tank 300 – Ford Bronco rival
      Tank 100 – Suzuki Jimny rival

      Looks-wise the Tank 400 is the best and the most distinctive followed by the Tank 600. They at least have their own distinct styles. The others unfortunately seems like just plain copies of the vehicles they are supposed to be rivaling. Bad idea. In this day and age where Chinese companies are more than capable of establishing their own designs and styles such coping is not necessary. Establishing their own brand identity is more important.

      As far as engineering is concerned, the Tank 300 has been tested by auto reviews in Australia and they have praised it as being a capable off roader. (available on YouTube).

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