Prime Minister Instructs FWO to Rehabilitate Skardu-Jaglot Road Traffic

Due to recent landslides that trapped tourists in the northern areas of Pakistan, Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif instructed Frontier Works Organisation (FWO) to rehabilitate traffic on the Skardu-Jaglot road.

He ordered the organization to create an arterial pathway around the landslide areas on an urgent basis for people to get home in time for Eid-ul-Azha.

The landslides have created blockades on Skardu-Juglot Road in multiple areas of Roundu Valley, Skardu. It is a singular route that ensures the supply of fuel and other essential items to the Baltistan division.

PM ordered FWO to open the Tormik section of the road as soon as possible while instructing its chief to “use extra machinery and manpower” to restore the traffic.

He also told the department to ensure a seamless supply of essential items and assistance to travelers stranded in the region. “There has been an increase in the consumption of essential commodities in Gilgit-Baltistan due to an increase in the influx of tourists,” the premier said while instructing the authorities to upkeep the essential products.

Reports suggest that, despite efforts from authorities, the traffic rehabilitation could take at least two more days.