SAIC Motors to Establish Manufacturing Plant in Pakistan

Pakistan’s automotive industry has been making a lot of headlines lately owing to the entry of numerous new automakers. A recent development has revealed that SAIC Motors may be planning to set up shop in Pakistan.

This news is based on a tweet by the renowned Pakistani journalist, Faseeh Mangi, according to which the automaker is planning to set up a manufacturing plant in the country this year.

SAIC Motors one of the largest Chinese automakers with a presence in numerous international markets. It has been listed as one of the Fortune 100 companies of the world and prides itself on having one of the largest production volumes of all the automakers around the world.

In addition to owning Morris Garages (MG) that debuted in Pakistan a few months ago, Roewe, Maxus, and Yuejin, SAIC Motors produces vehicles in joint ventures with multiple international automakers like Skoda, Volkswagen, Buick, Chevrolet, and Iveco among a few others.


Here Are The Official Prices of Changan Alsvin in Pakistan

Although details about when the company will begin operations in Pakistan or what products it will be launching here are currently unknown, if the reports that another Chinese automotive giant is coming to Pakistan this year are to be believed, it seems likely that the local auto industry is on its way to bright days ahead.

  • It’s nice that such a renowned car marking company from china is going to establish it’s operations in Pakistan. I am concerned about the following,
    1. Will they follow the international standards of safety and quality in Pakistan? Or they be milking the cow as other Auto MNCs in Pakistan by not providing features such as airbags in variants, which came after a long time than they provided in other markets long ago.
    2. What will be the deletion program in Pakistan? Will they transfer technology and set up plants for the supplies that can be produced in the domestic market and how they will respond to the technology transfer?
    3. How they will be charging the customers? Will they provide the value for the money or they will skim the market and will be below average?
    4. Perception of the Chinese products in domestic market of Pakistan.
    I hope that those who are going to invest and those who will regulate them be thinking of Pakistan and their most important stake holders “Customers”.

  • No excitement at least for me,since all new auto companies are following the wrong footsteps of delayed delivery,high price beyond reach of common man,sudden rise in prices and curse of OWN cost much above the booking price.So my fellow citizens don’t be too happy.soon you will witness same old stories.

  • Pakistan should be heading towards electric cars and following manufacturers like Toyota and Honda as they are leading the future in electric cars. China will abuse our resources and car market. We need to stop this merger and look to either Pakistan’s own manufacturing of electric cars or merge with so called industry leaders such as Toyota,Honda even Kia

  • The reveal of the much-speculated Changan Alsvin took place last month. However, the audience was left somewhat high and dry because the CEO of Changan Pakistan decided to not mention the price at the launch.

    • Prices were announced 2.35 Million for base version
      2.55 Million for top spec version including sunroof and heated seats + tiptronic gear shift

  • Ok if we can’t go all electric we should try look into the prospects and start with the hybrid technology. Petrol and diesel are not worth the investment . We need to advance the country rather then use it as a free hub for China to use our infrastructure for there greater benefit. China’s factories aren’t producing what they want to and they will use Pakistan to cover up any losses reducing china’s overall losses from car economy having a major slowdown on production and sales.

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