Unregistered Rickshaws and Loaders Should be Banned in Lahore: TEPA

The Traffic Engineering and Planning Agency (TEPA) wants to ban unregistered passenger and loader rickshaws in Lahore.

Abdul Razzaq, Chief Engineer at TEFA and Chairman of the anti-smog working committee formed by Lahore High Court (LHC), stated that this proposal is intended to curb smog in the city. He presented the proposal in a committee meeting conducted under his supervision on Wednesday.

He added that the committee is making efforts to eradicate smog and has presented seven reports to the LHC regarding this issue. The committee is also preparing to rehabilitate Bedian Road and Bhatta Chowk, and remove encroachments from Shahdara and Kahna to smoothen the flow of traffic and reduce smog, Razzaq highlighted.

He added that they are trying to maximize tree plantations in public areas to clean the air.

A few weeks ago, the provincial government imposed a ban on the use of heavy smoke-emitting vehicles in Lahore to reduce smog. In the last few months, Lahore Traffic Police has fined thousands of vehicles that had been causing air pollution in the city.

Relevant officials stated that millions of rupees worth of fines have been issued to motorists driving heavy smoke-emitting vehicles. They added that the action against motorists, brick kiln owners, and other individuals contributing to the issue has been intensified in the interest of eliminating smog.

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