Pak Suzuki Faces Backlash for Selling Multi-Colored Alto

Pak Suzuki Motor Company (PSMC) is under fire for selling an Alto with a defective paint job. Its photos have gone viral on social media, causing the company to face severe backlash from the public.

The photos show an Alto with the front half colored bright grey, while the rear half is dark grey. The black door mirrors, door handles, and non-alloy rims imply that it is a base-grade Alto, which costs Rs. 1,475,000.

According to a Facebook post, the customer purchased his Alto from Suzuki Naseer Autos in Karachi. The dealership agreed to address the issue, however, the automaker is yet to comment on it.

Alto is Pakistan’s best-selling car and PSMC’s number one revenue generator. Since January 2022, the company has increased its price by about Rs. 250,000. Yet, it has several quality control issues, mostly pertaining to bodywork.

After this revelation, the public is pleading with the government to intervene and ensure better quality control on the part of automakers, especially PSMC.

  • The customer should file the case against suzuki in consumer court otherwise he will suffer because suzuki customer and warranty services are deceiving.

  • I mean ofcourse this car is on warranty so he should be getting his stuff replaced and mended safely. But yeah, sad to see Suzuki Pak becoming somewhat greedy and increasing prices as there isn’t competencies.

  • The customer is at fault , too. Didn’t he checked this , when buying. Yes it’s a quality assurance issue. This happened during assembly. As different parts get paint job differently . So there should be two such cars

  • What a shame for PSMC, the company couldn’t bare growth and appreciation from customers.
    We need to have stringent Consumer Right laws in place & bring PSMC & other auto manufacturers to the court for such a pathetic product against hefty price tag.

  • One of the biggest rip off cars in Pakistan. Suzuki is over charging on think piece of crap.

  • Not only suzuki all pakistan assembled vehicles are unreliable and much costly. They earn abnormal profit. Of we compare pakistan made vehicles with Indian vehicle the Indoan are more reliable and cheap. .
    Government must intervene to address the issue.

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