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Regal Motors Increases Prices of DFSK Glory 580 and Prince Pearl

Regal Motors has announced an increase in the prices of its vehicles, including those of the DFSK Glory 580 variants and Prince Pearl. Like Honda Atlas Cars Limited (HACL) and the Toyota Indus Motor Company (IMC), Regal Motors has also planned a two-phase price hike for its cars.

Effective immediately, the first phase pricing has been enacted against bookings that have balance amounts to be paid by 30 November. The second phase pricing will be enacted against the bookings made after 30 November.

The new prices are as follows:

Vehicles Old Prices (PKR) 1st Phase Price (PKR) 1st Phase Increase 2nd Phase Price (PKR) 2nd Phase Increase
DFSK Glory 580 1.5T CVT 4,229,000 4,384,000 155,000 4,539,000 155,000
DFSK Glory 580 1.8 CVT 4,379,000 4,534,000 155,000 4,689,000 155,000
DFSK Glory 580 Pro 4,610,000 4,765,000 155,000 4,920,000 155,000
Prince Pearl 1,110,000 1,299,000 188,000

Like the rest of the automakers that have increased their prices so far, Regal Motors has attributed the development to the incessant supply-chain-related challenges and the depreciation of the Pakistani Rupee against the US Dollar. Evidently, the government has acknowledged the ongoing issues and has allowed the carmakers to elevate their rates.

DFSK and Prince are the first two companies from the new entrants from China to push up the prices of their vehicles, which implies that similar announcements by other automakers from not far off.

  • Look at prince pearl calculation. It’s wrong. Difference from your working arrive at Rs. 1000 instead of 188000!

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