Geo TV Hacked and Defaced by Veteran Pakistani Hackers

Geo TV, arguably the the largest TV station of Pakistan, was hacked moments ago by a hacker group that calls itself “G-Force”. Hackers said that attack on Geo TV website is result of unjust Pakistani system that is targeting Axact while ignoring so many other important matters.

G-Force is a group of veteran hackers who had fought Pakistan’s first cyber war with India back in 1997. However, they had been quite for a long now, until few days back they revived through a twitter account and noted that they will target all non ProPakistani elements.

Defaced website of Geo TV read that FIA and all other law enforcement agencies got active against Axact with-in few hours of NYT article and the main accused was arrested with-in seven days of initial report. Hackers, while appreciating LEA’s role, questioned that why other important issues couldn’t be resolved with such pace, for example:

  • May 12, 2007 incident in Karachi, where dozens of citizens were slaughtered in broad daylight
  • Baldia Town Fire: Over 300 people burnt live
  • Model Town massacre: Citizens were killed in front of TV cameras, live transmission, but where was this speed that LEA’s have shown in Axact case?
  • Saulat Mirza accusing Altaf Hussain and other senior members of MQM for taking orders for killing people, but no has questioned anyone.
  • BBC published many documentaries of murder, corruption, money laundering of Mr. Nawaz Sharif, Altaf Hussain, Asif Zardari an other political leaders, but none of them have been brought to justice? why?

G-Force further questioned Pakistani media that why only hatred and negativity is spread? Hackers said that reporting news is one thing, but media cooks up news and shapes them as they want, all for commercial gains.

G-Force said that they will keep hitting back until things aren’t straightened in Pakistan.

At the time of writing of this story, Geo TV’s home page is showing “Under maintenance” message.

Below is the screen-shot of hacked Geo TV home page, which has been replaced now with “Under Maintenance” message.


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Thank you Talal Masood for sharing the screen.

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • As well as Aamir Liaquat has a fake degree, but Geo News didn’t respond like that rather he has become an Islamic Scholar for Ramzan transmission. As well as why Imran Khan struggled so hard to prove the bogus votes, why he didn’t write an article in the New York Times. This list is going to be long.

    Insaaf Milta Nhi Bikta Hai!!!

    • Hello bhai meri degree original hai.
      ainwen muj na lao bech main.muje degree k wiithout bhi achay paise mil jatay.
      second IK NYT kuch nhi likh sakta wahan uske uper court ka decision hai najaiz olad wo uder nahi jata.han wese LB elections kay baray main likh sakta hai k kitne bogus votes or kis kis nay dalay.

    • Aik or correction ker lain. Aamir Liaquat Hussain ki degree fake nahi hay orignal hay. Haan university fake hay.

        • What does it make a difference? Oh Man, Come On! Have you forgotten he has become an Islamic scholar whatever he says you will believe? Now, you’re saying you like it because he is well-mannered what a joke. Every person becomes well-mannered when a camera comes near to him.

          • now
            what ever he says I will not justify he is true or wrong
            I just believe Dawateislami and it is very enough for me
            and how u know this man is different in front of camera and away from camera?

          • *When camera is in front of them
            Islamic scholar doesn’t mean IK that whatever lie I spread people beleive it.
            Everyone has their own mind to think and act. Scholar is just like a guider and it’s upto you to follow or not

            • I’m talking about the people who are political type like Altaf Hussain He becomes the most innocent person in the universe when he comes on TV, and what he does behind the camera you know better than me.

              • He is the same person on TV/Phone as in normal life and he never try to become innocent. You better need to listen his speeches(Ghararay) again to understand.

            • Bhai aap ky degree fake ho ya asli ho uss sey koi farq nahi parhata bas hamay aap apnay program kay passes dey dou :P

    • surely from PTI
      The innocent doesn’t need to prove. Those who blame others, have to prove.

  • Your degree is fake, look at the video made by ARY a year ago. The difference between years of two degrees clearly proved the fakeness.

    • very nice
      the moment I left ARY they realize my degrees were fake.
      Accusing someone or proving something is different 110 % pti supporters didn’t understand this.

    • na
      everyone knows about my degree.
      media pay jo ata ha wo sub jhoot hota hai.main jub channel chorta hun to wo meri degree fake bana dete

      • hahahah bhai jitny aap nay channel chory us hisab say to phir kafi zayada digreeeees hongi aap k pas.. :P

  • Taking Law in Hands not allowed
    understanding Programming does not mean u can rule the world
    I hope very soon u will be in jail…

  • “G-Force said that they will keep hitting back until things aren’t straightened in Pakistan.”

    hahaha, ek website hack karne se Pakistay ke saray problems hal hojaengay? :P

    Websites to wese bhi restore ho hi jati hain, ye hackers bas apni hi duniya me khush rehte hain k ham mulk k liye kuch kar rahay hain.

    • Go to internet and search about the group “Anonymous” and what they did so far to change the world. Read everything about their activities.

      • lol, what anonymous is doing? nothing will change if we will not change, and by doing work of hackers doesn’t change anything but will raise question like now it is happening.

    • Maybe you should change the system then :) Its easy to sit in a room with a laptop infront of you commenting like that :)

  • oh wow I see the positive side of pakistan everyday! Right now 14 people died in KPK in the last one hour or so and if that’s not positivity then idk what is

    • And since when did hacking/defacing a page become legitimate. This is the moral equivalent of a defacing a wall.

        • Geo is reporting on a story. If you dont like it, change the channel. If someone is accused of doing something illegal, it is news. If the media stopped reporting on news of any illegal activity in Pakistan, would that make things in Pakistan better? Until & unless we stop taking shortcuts, there will be thousands of Shoaibs & Malik Riaz.

  • a respectful name in this area – G-Force. what they raised about reality of Pakistani corrupt people are very true. May ALLAH bless us all and throw away these corrupt people – Aameen

  • “However, they had been quite for a long now”.

    How long till we Pakistanis learn the difference between Quiet and Quite?

  • where is that mak khan SOB where did he die now it was pointing on this let secure more your own websites teach your own fellow being beside others but that SOB dumbass can’t understand bz he was real SOB

  • Guardians also should have Raise the question about Barma’s muslims. Why/how is our media silent on this topi

  • Talk about hypocritical. An illegal activity being conducted on a channel/newspaper which just brought news of the Axact scandal. FIA should take action against these hackers as well. Infact, this point should be in the hackers demand. Talk about a pot calling a kettle black!

  • I received this from microsoft i think they have started to upgrade windows but it is only reservation coz i didnt see any window is downloading or updating..

  • Hmm… if you are not a propakistani, then we are against you
    aamir bhai? Such btao in logo ka tum logo se koi libk tou nhi? Agr han tou btao, mene do char dosto ki facebook id hack krwani he XD

  • Mr. Shoaib A. Shaikh, one of Pakistan’s most successful entrepreneurs, founded Axact in 1997

    G-Force is a group of veteran hackers who had fought Pakistan’s first cyber war with India back in 1997.

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