Supreme Court Reverts Order to Put Axact CEO on ECL

Controversies seem to surround Axact all the time, however, Axact CEO has got some relief in an ongoing case in a matter of minutes. Supreme Court ordered to put the name of Axact’s CEO on Exit Control List (ECL). However, moments later, the order was rescinded and directed Axact CEO to submit a written reply instead.

Shaikh is now required to submit a written guarantee and confirm that he will not leave the country and will hand over his passport to the court.

The apex court of the country took back its earlier decision on the request of some senior journalists.

The court had taken notice of the Axact run fake degree scam and issued a notice to the company. The Supreme Court also ordered Sindh and Lahore High Courts to immediately conclude all cases involving Axact.


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The Case Involving Axact

Supreme Court took notice of the Axact scandal last month when it was revealed that over 3000 UK citizens bought fake degrees from Axact.

The decision of “putting” Shoaib Shaikh on ECL came after DG Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) presented his facts before the court. Basheer Memon told the court that Axact is involved in running websites of 330 universities that don’t even exist in the real world.


Aamir Liaquat Among 1100 Pakistanis Who Bought Fake Degrees from Axact

He further told the court that fake degrees can be obtained from these universities within an hour for Rs 500,000.

Apart from putting Axact CEO on ECL and rescinding the order, Supreme Court bench headed by Chief Justice Saqib Nisar, issued directions to Sindh High Court as well. SC ordered SHC to form a bench within a week and issue the verdict on Axact cases within two weeks.

The court also added Justice Gul Hassan to the one-member bench hearing the case in Islamabad High Court. The bench was ordered to issue its verdict on the Axact case within three weeks. Supreme Court further ordered lower courts to suspend bails of the accused in case they do not cooperate.

Via Dawn

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