PEMRA Revokes TV License for BOL News & Entertainment Channels

In a sudden move against the BOL TV administration and management, Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) and interior ministry have jointly barred the media group due to security concerns regarding its leadership.

TV Licenses of M/s Labbaik (Pvt) Limited, also known as BOL News and BOL Entertainment (Pak News) were revoked by the authority after the interior ministry refused to provide security clearance to BOL’s company directors Shoaib Shaikh, Ayesha Shoaib Shaikh, Viqas Atiq and Sarwat Bashir.

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In its 131st meeting at the PEMRA headquarters on Tuesday, PEMRA took the decision following recommendations by the Council of Complaints (CoC) Sindh, which had prepared a report after asking the media group for clarification.

PEMRA has asked BOL News and BOL Entertainment (Pak News) to surrender their original TV licenses and clear any outstanding dues without any delay.

PakSat, Pakistan’s communications satellite operated by SUPARCO, has been ordered to immediately stop the transmission of BOL News and BOL Entertainment (Pak News), which no longer have PEMRA’s permission for landing rights in Pakistan.

Another notification has been passed to all TV distribution networks and cable operators, directing them to take the two channels off air immediately.

If any party violates PEMRA’s orders, it will have to face legal consequences.

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The meeting, where the decision was taken, was attended by member Sindh Assembly, Sarfaraz Khan Jatoi, Member KPK Assembly, Shaheen Habibullah, Member Punjab Assembly, Nargis Nasir, Secretary Information Sardar Ahmad Nawaz Sukhera, Chairman PTA, Syed Ismail Shah and PEMRA Chairman Absar Alam.

The PEMRA notification can be viewed below:

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  • Allak ka shukar hay, someone is sane enough to see the hypocrisy of Bol. This propaganda machine needed this treatment a long time ago.

    • But same people are blind when it comes to Jew news and the propaganda machine it is! That’s what hypocrisy is! Shame on Gov!
      Your accusation is senseless, won’t be surprised if you turned out to be another Patwari!

      • Patwari ki baat kartay hoo, Name say to aap bhi Nawaz ho, humein kia pata Nawaz shareef hoo, Tabla nawaz hoo ……………….please don’t mind

    • I think u havnt seen Geo News thats why u noticed hypocrisy only in Bol

      Bol is the future of Pakistani media.

    • Free advertisement?
      Free from advertisement hai woh bhi limited time k liay.

  • Welcome to the Nawaz Guided Democracy The one with you is right the one against you is wrong, WoW Amazing screw this democracy. .

  • When the chairman of PEMRA is a lifafa journalist and Mian sb Darabari, what else do you except from that puppet of Gov?
    Jew news can accuse national institution for hours but it gets away with it. I wonder why it gets special treatment? Can’t the PEMRA chairman aka Lifafa Journo see it?

  • Pakistani people are so simple; one day they say that why Axact’s top management was freed (in Fake Degree Case) and on second day when their TV Chanel’s (BOL) license is revoked due to security concerns regarding its top management then they say it’s because of their anti-government programs.

    I am really disappointed with the hypocritical thinking of majority of Pakistanis.

  • Very late but v good decision. Lesson for others media channels which are involved in anti Pakistan activities such as creating division between Armed Forces, Government of Pakistan and People of Pakistan by presenting one sided views of some Anchors who were earlier banned on some channels. I am a true and patriotic Pakistani and think that anti Government and pro establishment propaganda is not good for the country. It creates misunderstanding amount the people of Pakistan and Indians get advantage of this.

    • It’s another matter when it comes to Jew news which has a special status even if it’s commits treason by accusing DG ISI and the institution for hours, that’ doesn’t look propaganda, does it?
      It gets away with it, Idk why? Why gov becomes blind?
      Let me know what a true patriotic Pakistani like yourself think about this?

    • It’s a ProPakistani channel, that’s why!
      Jew news can do whatever it wants but it’s okay! Even Mian shb is Pro Indian, business ka mamla hai and his best friend Jindal.

  • hahaha what about clearing outstanding dues of Dunya Group, Express and Geo Network ?

    I am waiting for the notice serving to these groups as well.

  • Good News. Bol was a propaganda channel and was involved in hate speech openly.

    • is involving in hate speech a fucking problem , i bet you were born in a literate but retarded burger family , people are not as autistic as you who just follow what they watch , burgers sure are cancerous

  • Unlucky Absar Alam has defame his personality thru such acts,i think freedom of speech is every news channel rights, you can give better lines to BOL for improvement but such irrelevant allegations are REJECTED!
    What all GEO did to blame former ISI Chief, had to deserve the same but favoritism is a disappointed element.

  • Bol channel ko Rassol S.A.W ke namoos pe stand lene or india ko ussi ki zuban me jawab dene ki padash me ye saza mili he.Jago pakistanion ke isse pehle bht dair hojaye or her form per protest karain because Bol channel wahid channel he jo at least pakistanion ka moral buland karta he

  • This is clear cut victimization fron Govt.

    If Mir Shakeel (Owner Geo) can get security then what is wrong giving clearance to Shoaib Sheikh (BOL)

    Im sure Bol will again come out of it. Bol Ko Bolnay Do Zalimo

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